Bookmobile and Outreach Service

Bookmobile and Outreach FAQs

The scheduling of service is based on these factors:

  • Mobility of patron
  • Distance from a community library
  • Service needs
  • Scheduling availability

Items are checked out for the scheduled period of the service arrangement. Most items can be renewed up to four times before patrons are notified via text, phone call, email, and/or mailed notice. Items that are borrowed through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) and items that other patrons are waiting for cannot be renewed. There are no late fees, however, lost items must be replaced before checking out additional materials.

Sometimes circumstances beyond our control (such as weather conditions, mechanical issues, etc.) occur which causes earlier arrivals, delays, or cancellations.  Patrons are contacted via phone call or text as necessary. Patrons are asked to extend the same courtesy when they will be unavailable on their scheduled day and/or time by calling or texting (502) 507-4005 as soon as possible.

A schedule of bookmobile routes and stops is published twice a year and updated as needed.  The schedule is posted on the bookmobile, on the library website (, in the Nelson County Library, and on the Nelson County Public Library’s Facebook page ( Additionally, a schedule postcard is mailed at least once per year to existing patrons.  A scheduled stop may be discontinued due to low use, patron failure to attend (or notify staff), safety considerations, or violations of library policies. 

Simply e-mail or call Donna Zurkuhlen to discuss options and check availability.

348-3714, x-315

(502) 507-4005

We can select your preferred books for you and deliver your books to you.

*Certain conditions apply

Bookmobile and delivery visits are every two weeks.

Pop-Up libraries vary depending upon patron scheduling. Most are every two weeks, but can be monthly.

Mailbox Books can be either every two weeks or monthly.

If you are visiting for the first time and can't find us, please call or text (502) 507-4005.

Sometimes circumstances beyond our control (ie: weather, mechanical issues, etc.) happen and we have to make our stops early, run behind schedule, or simply have to cancel our stops for the day. We will notify scheduled patrons. 

Yes, DVD's including movies & T.V. series can be checked out; however, they must be reserved via our website (please select "Bookmobile" under "Where can you find it?" when reserving) at least two days before your scheduled visit. They are checked out for two weeks.

Yes, however, we do not carry money on the bookmobile. Therefore, only the exact amount can be collected. Cash only.

Yes, we can issue library cards and replace them as necessary. Minor children require parent/guardian signature.

Yes, each location is part of one library, and you can return books from any branch.

More Outreach Services

Woman receiving delivery from man at front door

Delivery Service

We are pleased to offer delivery service to patrons with limited mobility or are physically unable to visit their local library. Our professional librarians select materials based on interests, past reading history, and requests, Delivery and pickup is made to homes, living facilities, schools, daycares, etc. 

Individual patrons may request materials, a minimum of two days before the scheduled visit, via our website (please select "Bookmobile" under "Where can you find it?" when reserving).

Requests for schools and daycares should be made via email to or calling Alisha at 348-3714, x-308, a week before the delivery.

Books spread out on a table during pop up library event

Pop-Up Libraries

Pop-Up Libraries are just that! We pop up a selection of materials, based on the event or the location, on a table top and provide limited library services.  Patrons can check materials out, receive instruction for downloading materials, enjoy free Wi-fi, etc.  Materials may be returned to any branch location or to the Pop-Up if it is held at an established, recurring location. Please inquire about due dates.

Man delivering boxes

Mailbox Books

An additional option for delivery of library materials to qualifying patrons is via postal mail.  Mailbox Books is available to library cardholders in the Nelson County Public Library service area who are unable to travel to a library. The materials are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service and placed in patron mailboxes. They are returned to the library at no charge to the patron. When finished with the material, patrons will simply place them back into the shipping pouch, flip the address card over, and place the package in their mailbox. All materials are to be returned every two weeks which will coincide with the new delivery being mailed so that patrons would receive a second shipment shortly after the first so they would have a supply of library materials while the first shipment is being returned. Items not returned can be renewed only if it isn’t borrowed from another library (Interlibrary Loan) or it isn’t reserved for another patron.

Qualifying patrons are those who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Have a permanent or temporary disability or medical condition that prevents them from visiting a library.
  • Resides in a nursing care or assisted living facility permanently or temporarily.
  • Has a visual impairment.
  • Has other health conditions that make them unable to visit the library.